What motivates you to study the most?

If I study, then I will be able to fulfill my parent’s dreams
If I study, then I will be an independent-earning woman and that will assure my self-respect.
If I study, so I will be able to earn. And; if I will be able to earn, then no one can question
my expenses and my esteem.
If I study, then I will not be financially dependent on someone.
So studying for me is a lot like a need and a less like want.


What are the habits of highly effective entrepreneur?

How are blogs used in education? Where can I get a blog?

In Education

Educators are using blogs in many ways including as online portfolios, for student personal reflective journals, as a record of field notes, as discipline specific spaces for knowledge sharing, as a space for student dialogue and for class administration. To keep up with cutting edge research as it happens

where can we get free blog:

There are many free and inexpensive blogs, such as 1. WordPress

2, Blogger and 3. Typepad Some blogs are hosted online by their provider others require the user to install the blogging software on a server Continue reading “How are blogs used in education? Where can I get a blog?”

What makes a person look confident?

Don Srinu Rockstar

1.Good posture.

2.They talk slowly

3.They remain calm.

4.They have control over their emotions and thoughts.

5.They don’t care what people think of them so they do what makes them happy.

6.They treat themselves with respect

7.They help people

8.They make fun of themselves because they’re so comfortable.

9.They hold eye contact

10.They dress well.They take care of their health.

11.They cheer people up and they never show off

What are 10 good habits everyone should work on adding to their life?

1.Travel and tell no one. Live a true story and tell no one. Live happily and tell no one.

People ruin beautiful things

2.Practice non-attachment. Accept what comes and allow it to leave when needed. What’s for you will be yours effo


3.Do a random act of kindness everyday

4.Help everyone

5.If you have a gut feeling that something is not right about a person or situation, trust it

6.Talk to your parents daily.

7.Greet people in mornings as Happy morning instead of good Morning

8.Don’t assume anything.

9.Life gets complicatedDon’t be afraid of running behind your dream whatever be the situation

10.Always hope – hold on pain ends


What did i learned from failure ?

we can learn a lot from our failures

according to me failure is the most efficient way to learn more than earlier learning method

we can learn a lot things from failure, but i dont want treat this incident as failure in life, its just a lesson to me which i learned from my act only

As im a student i would like to share few points

a. We could realize that mistake is happened by ourselves only

b. The value of our parents

c. The value of family members

d. The importance of education

e. we will know the pain of our mistakes and how it affecting to our family

f. we will know how much our parents & family members & relatives are believing us and how much they expecting from our education


What did you learn too late in life?

Since I am just 20 years YOUNG 😉 I cant say that I learnt this too late in this life.
But I can certainly say that the things I learnt in my last 1 years of struggle has taught me
much more than my 0-19 years of luxury :

so some of them i would like to share with you all, have a look on below points

1.Noone else (except YOU) is going to be with you forever. You need to learn to enjoy your
company first.
2.College life should not be wasted in petty hobbies. SKILL SPECIFIC hobbies are going to
fetch more marks in exam of life than some pointless habits
4.No matter how close you are… You WILL have to move away from your friends.
5.There NEVER will be a good time to chase your dreams. If you keep waiting for the
right moment.. you will keep waiting.
6.some times we must learn from other mistakes becaues we dont have that much time to
learn everything by ourself,
7.its may be easy to criticize and break down the spirit of others but to know yourself it
may take a whole life
8.Nobody can love you more than your mom
9.The most important relationship in this whole world is the one you have with yourself
10.Nobody truly cares about you, so you can do whatever you want(as long as it’s not illegal).
11.If you don’t try, you will never know.
12.If you don’t ask, you will never get an answer.
Oh.. one more thing .

You are INCREDIBLE my friend !!